“Banners on Wall Street” Exhibit

Love it or hate it, Wall St. is a key element of American culture, for better, for worse, or both. Either way it has been and still is central to American history and current events. This show, “Banners on Wall Street”, is a collection of collaged Wall Street Journals and paintings of American flags,  as well as scenes of lower Manhattan. From the famed Wall Street Bull to the new Freedom Tower that hovers above this neighborhood where the Twin Towers stood, “Banners on Wall Street” captures this epicenter of American culture, where many from all over the world aim to take part in.

The show took place at John Allan’s Downtown, a high-end men’s grooming salon, where you can go get a trim, mannie (thats a manly manicure), and shoe shine while sipping cappuccino. The best part was getting to know the amazingly friendly staff while going in weekly to do live painting there on the spot, creating new pieces there (some by request) to add to the collection.


Banners On Wall Street Flyer-closing-


Freedom Tower Flag-






Global Economy


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Freedom Tower


Remembering The Towers-web




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Bull Flag1


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Making History process


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